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No More Fear

Am I in the Right Place?

You sure are!  There’s no mistake that you found me.  I believe that you’re in a special place. A place where you recognize that things need to change and you’re ready to seriously make those changes happen.  This is a beautiful place to be.  

Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and imagine what life would be like if you accomplished all your goals, felt good in your own skin and lived life with intention.  

Chills?  Yep!  You’re in the right place…

Please look around, get lost in my blog and make sure to drop me an email or sign up for my newsletter.  I’d love to keep in touch with you!

Can I Do This?

Um, duh.  Of course you can!  You’re a fierce soul!  If you’re feeling a little nervous, that’s normal.  I think that’s your body’s little way of saying “I’M FLIPPING EXCITED!“.

Change isn’t easy.  But my hope is to make change, lifestyle change, as seamless as possible for you. My goal isn’t to flip your world upside down and inside out (shout out to my girl D. Ross!). My goal is to make working with me one of the most freeing, joyful and exciting experiences ever.  The process itself may not be all that yummy, change never is, but do trust me when I say, the pay off is hella-worth it!

I'm Scared.

It’s all good.  You might be a little afraid of change and that’s pretty normal.  Change is never easy, but think of it this way, things can only get better.  Your life can only improve and be enriched.  You have nothing to lose.  There’s no risk when you invest in yourself.

Where do I start?

Call me, email me, message me.  Whateva, just do it.  

If you’re ready for an exciting journey into your healthiest, happiest life, let’s schedule a time to chat it out, do some goal planning and get you loving the life and body you’ve been so wonderfully blessed with.

Reach Out

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  • I sleep better, have more energy and feel happier! I got a new job too! Jessica's positive spirit always inspires me to see my own world in a more wonderful way and with gratitude.

    Melinda G., Chicago

  • Jessica Marie is passionate about changing lives! She inspires people to transform beyond their beliefs and makes lifestyle change a seamless joy.

    Joshua Rosenthal, Author & Founder of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Jess is so down to earth and real. I'm down 30lbs!!! I felt encouraged, supported, understood, motivated and free of judgement working with her...

    Paula J., Chicago

  • Jessica's down-to-earth style and positive M.O. would be helpful to anyone who is looking to improve their nutrition and general health habits. She totally gets that many schedules won't allow for everything to be homemade, too. Jessica is passionate about the best-tasting, healthiest foods, which means she knows a TON. Just one session and you'll know what I mean!

    Margo R., Los Angeles

  • Jessica Marie is a professional, knowledgeable and creative nutrition expert!

    Saran Dunmore, MTV + NBC Fitness Expert

  • I was a little hesitant to join her program just because I thought, "is the cost really going to be worth it!?". In the first month, we started slow. Of course I wanted to jump into everything fast but JM kept telling me "baby steps" and by month two, I felt like a whole new person. Any questions I had regarding supplements, super foods, cooking oils, healthy snacking (and I can go on) she was able to answer and guide me. Soon enough, my kids were asking for more fruits and veg instead of chips and popsicles! I have so much more energy, my skin looks brighter and I feel amazing. I'm so grateful for what Jessica Marie has done for me and most importantly, my family.

    April J., Oswego

  • She continues to impress me with her ability to form strategic partnerships and inspire not only her clients, but also those who know her in the Chicago business community. I'm eager to see the new and creative services she'll offer in the future to build a healthier and happier city.

    Tanya S., Chicago

  • Jessica Marie is an inspiring gift to the world! She changes people's lives for the better and is making a huge impact on the world. Jessica Marie has overcome so many challenges and is the breath of fresh air people need! There's no limit to what she can do. She's truly an angel.

    Sarah Vargo, Founder of Maven + Upcoming Author of "Life Is Your Party"

  • I was blessed to have worked so closely with such an inspiring person.

    Alexa B., Chicago

  • Jessica Marie shines with a humility that belies her intellectual brilliance. She brings a passion and sincerity to the sharing of wisdom that improves people’s lives. She is sensitive, flexible, respected and admired by clients and peers.

    Kathy F., Chicago

  • I'm sleeping better, I have more energy and that means I have more time to do all the things I love! This has been an incredible experience - life changing!

    Oana P., Chicago

  • I was already in pretty good shape when I began working with Jess. The reason I wanted to work with her was because I knew she could take me to the next level. Jessica is a fantastic listener who really wants to help her clients. Working together, Jessica will create a plan and strategy that works for you. Her style is to introduce and integrate healthy nutrition habits into your lifestyle. If you are committed, it truly is a seamless transition to go from where you are now to where you want to be. Thanks Jessica!

    John A., Chicago

  • I had some major hesitations about working with Jessica Marie. I was afraid I'd have to stop eating the foods I love or start eating weird, exotic, expensive foods I didn't like. I was afraid of all the work involved in preparing fresh food instead of convenience foods. JM makes lifestyle change less intimidating and scary and more accessible and FUN! I have way more energy, my mood has improved and I'm actually sleeping! I'm finally more aware of what I eat, where it comes from and I understand that what I eat effects my energy levels. Especially now that I own and run my own business, I know how to keep my energy levels up to get through the long hours!

    Kris K., Chicago

  • Jessica is a motivated entrepreneur who is dedicated to health and wellness. Her commitment to her clients provides them with life changing skills for a happier and healthier life.

    Amanda O., Detroit

  • I love JM! I have some serious issues with my digestinal tract and now I have to say I feel great!

    Samantha B., Chicago

  • Jessica Marie is a creative, enthusiastic, professional business owner that has developed a company with innovative wellness initiatives.

    Dana S., Chicago

  • I am feeling great. I cannot believe how aware I am of what I'm eating now!

    Pete P., Los Angeles

  • Working with Jessica Marie had me feeling the best I've ever felt. I cut out a lot of processed foods, had the accountability I needed and loved the out-of-the-box grocery and cooking sessions!! JM teaches you how you be realistic about lifestyle change!

    Erin W., Chicago

  • I enjoyed everything about the tour - the large, open Green City Market, the yoga session outside, the Starfruit samples, Lush hand treatment, Karyn's Raw Cafe, trip to the largest Whole Foods in the nation and the walking!!

    Idyl E., Chicago

  • Jessica is definitely very knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and wellness!

    Cynthia C., San Francisco

  • Now, Jessica...what a smart, intriguing and entertaining woman and health coach!

    Amanda G., Chicago

  • I'm down 30 pounds and on my way to a 50 pound loss for the year. I now know anything is possible with the support, knowledge and expertise I receive with every session, email and check-in. Thanks for the new me!

    Reisha M., Chicago

  • Small changes, wonderful results. I have more energy, I'm less stressed, and I've obtained my ideal weight! The lifestyle Program is a truly amazing experience. Jessica is knowledgeable, personable and compassionate. Your health and well-being is her concern. Follow her nutrition advice, take each new step seriously and you will look and feel great in such a short time. Let her lead you to a healthy, more energetic life!

    Marion R., Indiana

  • We contracted Jessica Marie to educate at our health fair last year. Her professionalism and attentiveness was excellent. Her healthy cooking class was extremely popular and well-received by our employees. I would definitely recommend JM as a partner for healthy cooking and education!

    Hu-Friedy Mfg., Chicago

  • Jessica Marie and her team led an excellent, interactive seminar about healthy food choices for those with a limited amount of time-for the employees of Leo Burnett. Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and charismatic. Her seminar was extremely educational and informative. It was a pleasure to learn so much in such a brief amount of time.

    Leo Burnett, Chicago

  • Jessica Marie did her Meal Planning Class. It was AWESOME! She showed our employees how to cook healthy and how easy it was to do that. I definitely came away from the one hour “lunch and learn” with knowledge about cooking healthy and how tasty cooking healthy is. Jessica Marie will definitely be on my list to call for other classes and workshops. She has so many to choose from!

    International Investment Research Firm , Chicago

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